Wicked Wednesday: How to Create a Villain

A wonderful blog….love their different voices and the information. The Wickeds We talked about antagonists last week. How about a true villain, the actual bad guy? Let’s again distinguish antagonists from villains, because the former doesn’t necessarily By King-Bee Films Corporation, via Wikimedia Commons include the latter. The Writer and Proud blog talks about villains who aren’t antagonists, but they … More Wicked Wednesday: How to Create a Villain

The Persistent Beast; an ongoing habituation in Pennsylvania

Originally posted on Lindagodfrey's Blog:
Witness sketch provided with permission from “Jessie” Pennsylvania certainly seems to be a hotspot lately for sightings of dogman, wolfman, upright canids–whatever you choose to call the wolf-like creatures that get around on two legs. Most of these encounters could be described as one-time, random incidents. But some reports tell of sightings that…

Finding Your Tribe

I got married four years ago at the ripe old age of 64. I moved into my husband’s large stone house in Berks County, about fifty miles from where I’d lived for forty-six years. I left many things in storage and important things behind…like my “tribe.” There’s a lot of discussion online about “finding one’s … More Finding Your Tribe