What Scares You?

I mean what really scares you? I wasn’t afraid of David S. Pumpkin; I loved it. The SNL skit is funny because there are some things we expect to scare us and when expectation is not met, like with David S. Pumpkins, we want to know why. When I was a kid, it was being … More What Scares You?

The 3 AM Crazy

Actually it can come any time between 2 and 4 AM, that time when I usually have to take my first (or sometimes second as I get older) nighttime trip to the bathroom. I groggily get up, stumble to the correct seat, do what I have to do, and stumble back to bed. Then I … More The 3 AM Crazy

For Donald Trump

The Republican candidate for President has openly criticized women about weight. His surrogate, Newt Gingrich, has done the same. Can somebody tell these awful men that they are grossly overweight, probably obese, and have no right to point a finger at any woman with the same problem? But that’s how this society works. I know. … More For Donald Trump