Nasty Women of the World Unite!

I just said to my husband that I was a “nasty woman” after I responded to something he had done or wouldn’t do or didn’t recognize that he had to do.

And he answered me, “Yes, you are.”

And I smiled. “I’m right up there with Hillary Clinton. Thank you!”

How does a woman, like me, raised in a home with three females and one dominate male, become a “nasty woman?” Easy. That woman has to live and survive in a world made by men for men.

That woman had to take what her father said as the truth. Even when he was wrong and she knew it.

That woman had to forgo working in a male-dominated profession (journalism) and go into a female-dominated profession (nursing), controlled by male executives.

That woman married a man who would never be able to love her.

That woman had a female child.

That woman got a divorce and raised that child with no emotional or financial support.

That woman lived alone, successfully, for more than thirty years.

That woman throughout her life supported men, financially (first marriage) and professionally (all through her nursing career).

That woman got very little recognition for any of it by any of the males around her.

That woman became sick and tired of it.

So that woman became nasty…

At least nasty to men who don’t like a woman reminding them that the woman is the true Master of the House…even if it’s the White House.

To all you Nasty Woman: Let’s rewrite history and change it to Herstory!

Let’s make the World Great and America even greater.


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