About Mitzi

A Scorpio, Mitzi just missed being born on Halloween, something she has always regretted. An RN for almost 45 years, she worked in acute care, home care and long term care. She finally retired  just in time to marry the love of her life, Morgan, alias The Master of the House, also a writer. Mitzi has one wonderful, intelligent, beautiful daughter, Heather, who has returned home from Seattle to go to school full time. Mitzi follows the Red and Green Path, incorporating American Indian and English Pagan (Hedgewitchery) beliefs in her daily life. She believes that the Mother Earth must be cherished and her people and animals revered. Mitzi is a member of RWA, Pocono/Lehigh Romance Writers, and the Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group. She lives in rural Eastern Pennsylvania with The Master, her daughter, four cats, and one dopey dog.


Mitzi was 12 years old when she received her first rejection – for a short story she’d submitted to Family Circle magazine – the first in a long line of rejections. Although she wanted to be a journalist while growing up during the 1960s – yes, she’s that old – real life intervened and she went to nursing school. She still thinks she could have been Woodward or Bernstein. If you don’t know who they are….well, Google ‘em. So what you see before you (or read before you) is a woman who began her writing career in earnest thirty years after that first rejection. Mitzi writes paranormal just because she is paranormal. But she also writes the truth of life, some of it light-hearted and some of it no so light-hearted. Published in feature articles, essays, poetry and short fiction, she’s now working on several projects. She’s always working on several projects.

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