The Persistent Beast; an ongoing habituation in Pennsylvania

Originally posted on Lindagodfrey's Blog:
Witness sketch provided with permission from “Jessie” Pennsylvania certainly seems to be a hotspot lately for sightings of dogman, wolfman, upright canids–whatever you choose to call the wolf-like creatures that get around on two legs. Most of these encounters could be described as one-time, random incidents. But some reports tell of sightings that…

Finding Your Tribe

I got married four years ago at the ripe old age of 64. I moved into my husband’s large stone house in Berks County, about fifty miles from where I’d lived for forty-six years. I left many things in storage and important things behind…like my “tribe.” There’s a lot of discussion online about “finding one’s … More Finding Your Tribe

RWA Letter Regarding Ellora’s Cave

Originally posted on Jan Springer, Erotic Romance:
Recent Romance Writers of America Letter Regarding Ellora’s Cave (Permission received to post here) Allison Kelley, CAE  | Executive Director RWA has no standing in relation to contracts between authors and Ellora’s Cave. Therefore, RWA’s role is limited to advocating for fair treatment of authors, and RWA has…

Going Independent

This is a post that should be read by anyone and everyone wanting to be an independent author, Dana Stabenow [Michael Stackpole, author and faculty member of ASU’s Desert Nights Rising Stars’ Writers Conference, asked me to write about my experience in moving from traditional to independent publishing for an online lecture for the DNRS … More Going Independent