The Persistent Beast; an ongoing habituation in Pennsylvania

Originally posted on Lindagodfrey's Blog:
Witness sketch provided with permission from “Jessie” Pennsylvania certainly seems to be a hotspot lately for sightings of dogman, wolfman, upright canids–whatever you choose to call the wolf-like creatures that get around on two legs. Most of these encounters could be described as one-time, random incidents. But some reports tell of sightings that…

Finding Your Tribe

I got married four years ago at the ripe old age of 64. I moved into my husband’s large stone house in Berks County, about fifty miles from where I’d lived for forty-six years. I left many things in storage and important things behind…like my “tribe.” There’s a lot of discussion online about “finding one’s … More Finding Your Tribe

RWA Letter Regarding Ellora’s Cave

Originally posted on Jan Springer, Erotic Romance:
Recent Romance Writers of America Letter Regarding Ellora’s Cave (Permission received to post here) Allison Kelley, CAE  | Executive Director RWA has no standing in relation to contracts between authors and Ellora’s Cave. Therefore, RWA’s role is limited to advocating for fair treatment of authors, and RWA has…