Revising the Revisions

I’m in the middle of doing the editor suggested revisions for Teasing the Muse and I take a break. In the middle of said break, my laptop goes into hibernation. It seems that I’ve lost about five pages of the last revisions during that hibernation.
Oh, I did all the usual huffing and puffing. I went on the “Help” line. I did all the recovery stuff one is supposed to do but nada, zilch, zip, nutin’…..
So I poured myself a Cosmo (because that’s what my heroine is drinking in the first scene) and went right back to it again.
I have my editor’s suggestions and a fairly adequate memory, as long as I limit the Cosmos to one or two.
I’m just not going to get myself upset.
It gives me more time to think about extending the conflict (besides the ten years between hero and heroine – her being older). And I’ve come up with a second black moment…
So…all in all….
Not all that bad.

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