RWA 11 Day 3

There were two stand-outs today: Sherrilyn Kenyon and Candace Havens.

I had the great idea to run to the bathroom right before the lunch program. Who was coming out but Kenyon – beautifully petite with dark auburn hair. The New York Times best selling author said to those of us standing in the proverbial ladies room line that she was nervous about speaking in front of the 2000+ crowd but she needn’t have been. She was so wonderful – she brought many of the attendees to tears, including me. After hearing how she grew up and how she finally convinced herself to live her life-long dream of being a writer, I have no excuse not to do the same thing. And her father also told her the same thing mine told me: “You’ll never support yourself writing.”

Candace Havens is another one who won’t let writers rest. She feels we shouldn’t go a day without writing at least 20 pages. Her Fast Draft workshop was one of the best I’ve ever attended. Havens is an author who continually gives back to other authors. She’s bright, witty and dedicated to her craft. If you can catch one of her sessions, go. If not, go to

I ended the day at the St. Martin’s Publishing Party at the Flat Iron building. Way cool. I mean WAY cool – the building, the people. I met a lovely editor who liked my name and I immediately asked if she wanted to buy my book. I spoke to an agent who thinks I’ll be able to sell The Change. I sipped wine, ate shrimp and rubbed elbows (and bottoms – it was crowded) with editors, agents and authors. I even shared a crowded elevator with vampire-author, agent Lucienne Diver. And the building itself – wow, what an architectural wonder.

I love this city. This evening was lovely, breezy and cool – New York at its best.

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