Freaky Friday…in which our Mitzi sees a ghost…maybe

The Boyd Theater is an old cinema in downtown Bethlehem, PA.



There are local stories about the Boyd being haunted by a “lady in white.”

A few years ago I was meeting friends for a movie at the Boyd. One of the friends was Katherine Ramsland, a professor at DeSales University and a very prolific author. Katherine is also interested in anything paranormal, has hunted ghosts, and has written about the unusual. But, alas, she has never seen an apparition.

Thinking that Katherine had arrived before us, Deb and I walked into the large darkened seating area of the theater and looked for our friend. Several rows away I see her (or at least I thought it was her because my eyes were not yet adjusted to the dark), waving to us.  I turned to Deb to tell her where Katherine was and then I see Katherine in the lobby walking toward us. I quickly turned to see the “friend in the seat” and it was empty.

Now either that person disappeared or crawled out under the seats because the theater was virtually empty except for us and whoever or whatever had waved to me. There was no way anyone could have passed us without being noticed.

Katherine believes that “the lady” left as soon as she (Katherine) came. Katherine believes she repels spirits.

Unfortunately the Boyd has been closed for several years following a rainstorm that caused major damage. There’s discussion about it reopening as an art center. .

But our story lives on in the Historic Haunts of Downtown Bethlehem.


2 thoughts on “Freaky Friday…in which our Mitzi sees a ghost…maybe

  1. Fun! remember my story of the General Sutter! Amazing…that whole period of my life was rather “amazing.” Enjoyed this. Love Kathy


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