Writer Wednesday – Book Signings?



I will be having my first “real” book signing tomorrow night at the Barnes and Noble at Southmont Mall in Bethlehem, PA. I say “real” because I signed Tales from the Mist when my husband signed and sold his westerns at a sportsman show. I was at his signing as an after-thought, really.

Tomorrow will be a Local Author Night at B&N. One of several set up by the Community Relations Manager who is also a member of our area’s largest writers group, The Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group. Even self-published authors are encouraged to sign their books at this event.

I was awake early and these were my worries at 5 AM this morning:

1) I need a new pen

2) I need to get the remittance form to Karen

3) What the HELL do I wear?

So like a good 21st century author, I Googled “book signing” to get some advice and here are the blogs.

I found this blog post about book signings–very good advice:


Here’s a post about setting up and “having” a successful book signing:


Another post about having a successful signing:


And for the other side of the coin–why book signings are a waste of time:



I hope I sell a couple of books. My smile will stay on only so long.

book signing Rick Gekovski


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