Labor Pains while Awaiting the Birth of a Book

The book is finished.
It really is.
It’s off to Maxine Media for the cover and formatting. Then it will be available on Kindle Direct.
And I’m shaking in my chair about it.
My heart is thumping and my mouth is dry.
I’m scared to death.

And what am I scared of?
I have supportive family and friends.
I have a supportive RWA Chapter.
I have supportive writer friends in the Greater Lehigh Valley Writers’ Group.
Still I’m scared to death.

So Scared Mitzi had a conversation with Brave Mitzi:

I know there’ve been nasty reviews on Amazon. My book could get one.
Okay, so what? At least the person bought and read it. All publicity is good publicity.
Maybe no one will buy it.
Then what are you worried about? You can’t have it both ways.
And I’ve got to market the darn thing.
So, you’ve been working on that author’s platform for months— indie/paranormal: that’s you.
But good girls don’t boast about what they do.
What century are you living in? They not only boast, they take out full-page ads!
I’m afraid it will be a big bomb and I will be a failure.
What failure? You’ve done what most people never do: write a book.
Yeah, you’re right I should just put on My Big Girl Panties and get on with it.
Well, I hope that means working on the next book.

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